French pool of mobile seismological instruments


What is SisMob?

SisMob is the french pool of mobile seismological instruments.

Its aim is to allow the collection of seismological data in line with specific scientific objectives where permanent observatories are not available, or as a complement to these observatories to significantly densify spatial sampling. The duration of the experiments is limited and varies from a few weeks to 2 years.

The fields of application of SisMob cover all the objectives of seismological observation, from the study of the internal structure of the Earth to that of seismic, volcanic or landslide hazards.

SisMob is the mobile seismological antenna of the RESIF project (French seismological and geodetic network). The RESIF project is structured as a consortium of organisations and institutions in the academic world. It is coordinated by the CNRS-INSU (French National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy).


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Latest publications using SisMob-RESIF data

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RESIF-SISMOB is supported by Equipment for EXcellence (EquipEx) (project RESIF-CORE)

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